2D Animation
24 Hours Animation Contest Group Work
Theme :  Future  Prediction
Personal  Work
①  Machinery manufacturing
The country's armed police robot, armed with a detective robot and its assistant aircraft, followed the lead to a luxurious four-story hotel after receiving an alarm and a mayday message. The hotel has a lot of robots in daily life and entertainment. Their arrival brought a sense of unease and fear to the place. Meanwhile, the owner of the hotel realizes the police are coming and orders his bartender robot to take precautions......
②  Information transactions
In the future, each person will be a repository of information, retaining information about himself as well as collecting information about others. People do not need money to acquire the materials they need for life, they just need to make "information" transactions.People use props: gloves to trade information. People can make transactions by shaking hands, and the transactions in people's lives are roughly equivalent to the barter of information.Everything in life revolves around information. There are all kinds of information in the street window, the sale of goods, the taking of public transportation and so on.By having access to other people's information, you can trade with those who have more valuable information and improve yourself...
③  The Group Loneliness_Mimicry people
Social media may seem to create better interpersonal communication, but it's actually making people more isolated. However, at the same time, the virtual space of social network has a subtle influence on our real life.

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