No.1  Tribe War
Project One theme: Inter-tribal conflict is not a struggle between people, but the construction of harmonious relations under differentiation
Tells the story about the existence of two races and the collision of civilizations in an ancient civilization. In this ancient civilization, The gods because of their different beliefs. So gods divided the people who lived here into those who lived by day and those who lived by night, representing those who could only move by day and those who could only move by night. Two distinct human tribes, living on both sides of the continent, fought for the resources to survive.
The story takes place when the Male leading role of the day once passed the ruins on his way to collect medicine, picked up from the night of the abandoned girl. Hide her and bring her back to the tribe, slowly adopted and brought up, and learned the culture and habits of the people of the day. With the growth of age, the difference between the two people gradually obvious, she began to realize her "different", want to trace back to the source and her hometown. Her even wanted to break the century-old yoke and bring peace between the two tribes.
Three plot scenes designed and drawn for tribal conflict. Describe the desired final color style and the light and shade relationship of the scene.
About people in the dark and people in the day -- the early character sketch of tribal conflict, to find the characters in line with the theme of the story in the drawing.
Heroine: Sallie   The people of the night
Personality: From lonely and aloof to cheerful and lively, considerate
Identity story: Captured during a war between two tribes,as a hostage left in ruins in exchange. Picked up by the men of the day, raised. Learned to hunt, medicine, and other basic survival ability. Later, after questioning and discovering the differences between herself and the people around her, she decided to leave her growing tribe to find her own belonging and clan. And with the leading man once again embarked on the road of adventure, and later after knowing the conspiracy between the two tribes, they decided to reveal the truth to the two clansmen, guide the two clansmen to the peaceful development of relations.
Elder: Kent   the people of the day
Personality: hypocritical, sinister, like to hold authority, exclusion of alien race
Identity story: As the elder of the men of the day, masters the scope of the development of the entire tribe, demarcating the life and activities of his people outside the ruins. At the same time, through the war, the capture of slaves of the people of the night, as a trade transaction, to obtain money. Satisfy his vanity. Unexpectedly, in a transaction, was found by leading man and heroine, wanted to through a variety of cultural knowledge restrictions to hide the past. With the severity of the situation, his heart was constantly exposed, finally can not hide, become a vicious centralized manager.
Prisoner of war: Raleigh   The people of the night
Character: brave, bold, righteous, want to be free
Identity story: After a battle between the men of the day and the men of the night, he and his comrades are captured and become prisoners due to defeat. Escorted to the ruins by the elders of the day and their thugs. Later, men and women appear, want to seek help, after getting the trust, and they fled the ruins together, understand the situation of two people. Determined to help leading man and heroine to find the source of the plot, finally help she returned to the night of the people of the tribe.
Leading men: Aiken   the people of the day
More than 20 years old
Personality: hardworking, brave, responsible and righteous
Identity story: He is engaged in such physical labor as collecting herbs, likes adventure.He found the heroine at the ruins.He brought her up, taught her how to live and get used to the life of a day person. Later with heroine to risk her live again to ruins to find the origin of heroine, found the day and night of the people of the trade. Constantly solve the riddle of their own tribe, knowing the root of everything comes from their own tribal elders. Through a series of efforts, she was sent back to her own tribe.
Goon: Malcom  the people of the day
Personality: dull, dull, simple thinking, brute force, strong sense of justice
Identity story: has always existed as a guardian of the elders of the day, protecting and obeying the elders. He felt that he was doing the right thing for the development of his people. Then he was convinced by the behavior of the leading man and the heroine, and he reflected on his behavior all the time. Driven by a sense of justice, he also decided to help heroine return to her own tribe as a way to make up for his mistakes for a long time.
 Character design of heroine Sallie, front and side design of character, color matching and three-view sketch drawing
The hero Aiken's character design, the sketch of the character's head orientation, the color matching and the description of the character's story.
Elder Kent, thug Malcom and prisoner of war Raleigh's character design, personality and related stories.
No.2 Machinery Manufacturing
Background setting:
A story based on asimov's three Laws of Robotics:
After many chemical and mechanical wars, the last man in the world runs the country and its daily affairs by controlling the robots he builds. The robot he created enforces three rules:
1 Do not harm human individuals
2 Robots must obey the orders given by humans, except when the orders conflict with the first one.
 3 Robots should protect their own survival as far as possible without violating the first two.
Robots that violate the law explode on their own.
The country's armed police robot, armed with a detective robot and its assistant aircraft, followed the lead to a luxurious four-story hotel after receiving an alarm and a mayday message. The hotel has a lot of robots in daily life and entertainment. Their arrival brought a sense of unease and fear to the place. Meanwhile, the owner of the hotel realizes the police are coming and orders his bartender robot to take precautions......
Machinery Manufacturing Video
Should robots follow humans
Can robots have a sense of self
Can robots break the rules and find self-worth
Police robot
The boss
Detective robot and Bartender robot
The hierarchical structure of the hotel where the story takes place. From top to bottom, the left is the first floor to the third floor, and the right is the boss's room on the fourth floor
Mechanical Manufacturing Dynamic Storyboard of the six main appearance of the robot, showing the difference between the volume, is also built under the style of the waste earth machine style.
Display of main storyboard, fully show the full view of the long shot and the direction of position movement.
No.3  Information Transactions
The third theme of the project is whether personal information security in an informationized and transparent society can completely replace a person's status and value with information
In the future, each person will be a repository of information, retaining information about himself as well as collecting information about others. People do not need money to acquire the materials they need for life, they just need to make "information" transactions.People use props: gloves to trade information. People can make transactions by shaking hands, and the transactions in people's lives are roughly equivalent to the barter of information.Everything in life revolves around information. There are all kinds of information in the street window, the sale of goods, the taking of public transportation and so on.By having access to other people's information, you can trade with those who have more valuable information and improve yourself.
More than 20 years old
Personality: Self-abased, timid and ambitious
Identity story: The male protagonist is a new employee who just started his job. He lacks experience in his company and his ability to collect information is not very strong, so he will be crowded out by all kinds of people around him. Even monthly reports to the boss are not taken seriously and ridiculed. Later through a chance to get someone else's gloves, with the information accumulated by others, so that their own life has been greatly changed. But as he change, his body changes for the worse. More and more people approached him to trade, and finally, weighing the pros and cons, decided to give up the gloves and be himself again.
More than 20 years old
Personality: Confident, stubborn, competitive
Identity story: As a staff member in the same studio with the hero, she often have the opportunity to hand over tasks, deal with information and report work with the hero. But all the time to the men ignored, more indifferent, at the banquet is also directly ignored the men, and the boss to shake hands. She is snob and prefer people with more information and ability. She also got the favor of her superiors by relying on various interpersonal relationships. Later, she changed her attitude towards the male protagonist immediately after she saw his change.
More than 20 years old
Personality: Honest, rigorous, sociable
Identity story: ignore the men at the party, hurry to deal with others and shake hands, look down on the men at a lower position. Then he saw the change of the men, and see the people around, even the boss is so close to the men, in order to his own work, he also humble to trade with the men. Just for more information, and then to the male home to chase after him.
More than 30 years old
Personality: powerful, high-temperamental, contemptuous of the incompetent, exclusive
Identity story: look down on the company's new male, behind his ridicule and ridicule. Banquet and Japanese handshake, ignore, even isolated men. The company organizes various activities and deliberately avoids male heroes. Later a handover at the end of the month, found that the men changed, he immediately changed his attitude, began to smile to greet, to please the men. All activities are aimed at building the company and expanding your circle of contacts. Finally, he even went crazy and stopped him at the door of the hero's house.
Some frames of the animated video, showing the fineness of the drawing and the main plot
 Male colleague Hayes and boss Carlos, describe and set character story, color matching, etc., the right side is head expression design and three-view modeling.
Henry: Describe and set the character, story, color, etc. On the right side is the head expression design and three-view modeling.
Different from men's tight clothes, looser coats and shorts, color matching of characters and stories, etc. On the right side is the head expression design and three-view modeling.
No.4 The Group Loneliness_Mimicry people
Social media seems to create better interpersonal communication, but this is an illusion that actually makes people more isolated. At the same time, however, the virtual space of social networks has a subtle impact on our real life. The rapid development of social networks makes modern young people take social tools as a way to replace real conversation, but social networks do not bring them a sense of belonging and satisfaction. In the social network, people seem to be connected with each other, but the more immersed in the Internet life, the more lonely they feel, and thus the more deeply affected by the network environment. With the increasing psychological problems of modern people, there are various kinds of loneliness caused by psychological phenomena.
The Group Loneliness Video
Through the form of the combination of 2D and 3D, study how to use graphic and image to convey social loneliness of certain people. With the aid of all kinds of visual language and lens to convey social networking contact after solitary image, caused the people for their psychological health, thinking about the relation between their own social : withdraw from the network, in real life, maybe one day the public will say goodbye to the dependence on social networking, true as it is a tool, but not all of life.
Project content Presentation

Since the psychological space of netizens is composed of other netizens and the network environment, they are more inclined to seek virtual solace in the network space. While relying more on the network ecology, they gradually distance themselves from the real world. At the same time, due to the different information received, people are closed in different mimicry environments. Even if they have the desire to communicate with each other, they cannot really get close to each other.
They can only communicate with the mass media and are formed "container people."
Group Loneliness character
Limited by the conditions of the information age, people can only receive information through the mass media. They inevitably accept the mimicry environment created by the media as an objective environment, and feed back the information obtained from the mimicry environment to the objective environment, thus forming "mimicry people".
The concept of overlapping colors comes from the principles of cinematography and optics, as well as red and blue glasses. With the red lens, the red pixels removed during shooting are automatically restored to produce the real color picture. When the red lens passes through the blue lens, most of the red pixels are filtered out, leaving only the very dim picture, which is easy to be ignored by the human brain.  At the same time, the superposition of two colors can also increase the picture of the sense of hierarchy. The black effect of "multiply" created by the overlay also helps the image. After the visual impact, viewers can deeply understand the lonely situation of the characters in the image, which makes people feel resistance and pressure, and guides the viewer to think and review deeply.
1-Visual representation of Group Loneliness
2-Visual representation of Group Loneliness
3-Visual representation of Group Loneliness
4-Visual representation of Group Loneliness
5-Visual representation of Group Loneliness
6-Visual representation of Group Loneliness
7-Visual representation of Group Loneliness
Concretize and geometrize the abstract Internet environment into three-dimensional presentation
1-Internet world model building
2-Internet world model building
3-Internet world model building
4-Internet world model building
5-Internet world model building
6-Internet world model building
7-Internet world model building
8-Internet world model building
 Study the "container person" status of people in the Internet society, and the state broken by special stimuli -- the lonely image of separation. This idea is given to the light of two dispersing colors, and the principle of optics is combined with the principle of vision.
Red light effect experiment
Mixed color light effect experiment
The 1st part shots of The Group Loneliness 
The 2nd part shots of The Group Loneliness 
The 3rd part shots of The Group Loneliness 
The 4th part shots of The Group Loneliness 
The 5th part shots of The Group Loneliness 
The 6th part shots of The Group Loneliness 
In addition, different from the previous narrative animation, the animation expression of this project adopts a large number of artistic expression methods of one shot to the end. It does not use multiple shots and scenes to show the sequence of the story, which brings people a "sense of drama" and "sense of presence". The artistic expression technique of one shot to the end allows the audience to continuously obtain rich and diverse information in one shot, and create surprises from time to time. It can well explain the state changes of the characters under the light, and the coherent expression technique also increases the diversity of the machine position. Rich screen content at the same time show the network space and light changes. This animation highlights the information network era "fast, diverse, iterative" distinctive characteristics.
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